The Game Of Dreams

Nathalie Emmanuel

I woke to a lovely image of Missandei (the beautiful Nathalie Emmanuel) from the Game of Thrones with her arms wrapped around my neck. As I recalled the content, I suspected there was something important encoded by my unconscious into the dream. One of the things I love about dream work is that our ego self has no power over the images. Although there are many kinds of dream I knew this was symbolic and likely carried inherent significant meaning.

I believe that the dream disguise is a ploy by the Soul to disguise the true meaning from resistance that the ego self may have. Have you ever noticed how ready we are to dismiss dreams as a figment of our imagination?

The dream had begun with me sitting opposite Missandei and noticing how attracted I was to her. I also realized that I had no idea if my feelings were reciprocated. Then she was standing across from me and performing some kind of mystical enchantment with her hands that was directed at my heart. I knew she was trying to assess whether I was authentic – ‘the real thing”. I felt this glow of warn energy around my heart that expanded until it felt like a blissful golden ball. Then she moved and placed her arms around my neck. I knew she had decided in my favour. I exclaimed, “God I love you but will I get hurt?” Her response was gentle and clear, “I will not hurt you.”

I began by exploring the feelings in the dream: it began with attraction, moved into a curiosity then was replaced by the energy of the golden glow. This was followed by delight, and love before the concern about being hurt by the relationship intruded. The energy of the dream was powerful particularly around my heart and the moment when Missandei made up her mind.

The key to the dream I sensed was figuring out what archetype Missandei represented. I knew she must be an aspect of the divine feminine. It was when I recalled that she was Denaerys interpreter that the meaning began to fall into place.

It was an “ah ha” moment. The interpreter of the divine feminine would be my intuition or inner compass as I have become fond of referring to it. One of the guiding principles of my life today is to follow my inner compass. (It was reclusive poet Emily Dickinson who in a poem observed, “The sailor doesn’t see the north but knows the needle can” that gave rise to the idea of an inner compass.

During my commitment to follow this discerning spirit in my life, it is sometimes challenging to give it authority in a paradigm based on rationality and linear thinking. We are taught that empiricism is to be trusted, intuition should be subject to reason.

I have been dealing with a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and I have noticed how easy it is to defer to the external authority. I have worried about trusting my inner guidance system, often I am not absolutely clear where emotion and fear begin and intuition ends.

This dream is timely. It reminds me of two things:

  • If my inner compass is clear and transparent, it will not hurt me.
  • I must be “the real thing” which means I must be doing the inner work that any symptom may demand.

The dream had immediate consequence. Recently I had a cardioversion that had shocked my heart back into sinus rhythm. The cardiologist wanted me to keep taking them but it felt intuitively wrong. However I was fearful that if I followed my intuition, there could be consequences. I visited my dream partner and confided that I thought this dream referred to an impending decision about whether to continue taking blood thinners. She asked me whether my body had given me any signs about what to do. I replied that it had, not and as I had no symptoms from taking them, my decision so far was to keep taking them.

To my astonishment when we returned to her house, I had developed a huge blue bruise on my inner left arm. For some reason I had not noticed it before. I had obviously had some kind of bleed.

Strangely enough I felt a sense of relief; it seemed to be an amazing sign that it was time to stop taking the medication. My mantra became “I will not hurt you.”

Interestingly when sharing this story a friend of mine offered the experience of her Mother. Who faced a diagnosis that indicated a treatment of ongoing steroid consumption with all the draconian side effects that would entail. She refused and embarked on a program of alternative treatments that completely eliminated the problem.

As William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


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