Why Did George Clooney Appear In My Dream?

Why Did he Show Up in My Dream?

“George Clooney enters the room and announces that he is exhausted. Promptly he ascends the stairs and falls asleep.” This was the beginning of a dream that I experienced during a recent trip to California. I was curious why George Clooney, what does he represent in my unconscious? However after recording the elements of the dream I let it go because I could not make any sense of it.

The dream had contained two other brief scenes. In the second scene I was conversing with an unknown woman about a spiritual teacher that we both knew. She had asked me what I had thought and I suggested he was missing something and was perhaps not rounded in his views.

In the final scene I am standing in what appeared to be a store and took a new yellow T-shirt down from the shelf and put it on. I then looked down at my pants to decide if they needed replacing but decided that although a bit creased they were fine.

One of the beauties of a solitary road trip is sitting under the stars with a glass of red wine contemplating the nature of the universe and one’s place in it. It was in such an environment that I had this dream but my dream partner was a thousand miles away and I really had no idea where to start.

It seemed coincidental that prior to leaving on my trip I had been questioning the current focus of my life. It was not that anything felt wrong, however I have a lot of space and sometimes wonder if I should be doing more.

Upon my return to Vancouver, my dream partner almost immediately provided a context for the dream that stimulated both my imagination and my curiosity. When I asked her if the first section of the dream meant anything to her she responded that it reminded her of the fatigue I had shared after two weeks of being a tour guide,

August/September had been an intense month for out of town visitors and much as I had enjoyed the company, the entertainer had felt exhausted and I needed a rest. I marveled at the creativity of my unconscious to represent this aspect of myself as George Clooney , and it was this insightful observation that triggered my interest in the rest of the dream.

The second scene was not difficult – the unknown woman would normally represent the intuitive/feeling self and guided me to consider whether the spiritual component was somehow missing something and needed to be rebalanced. This would explain the angst I had been experiencing before my trip. My inner world was trying to get my intention.

It was at my dream group that the third scene came into focus – I shared it with my friends but it was during a quick break that the meaning emerged from my intuition. (the woman in the dream) It represents the next step to be taken. However here I was stumped – what on earth could donning a new yellow T-shirt represent? The pants bit made sense reminding me that the change would rest on the foundation that was already in place. One of my dream group observed that the colour yellow often related to curiosity. It is also considered the colour of the mind as well as a happy, sunny colour. It was also the colour of the last two T-shirts I had purchased – both in Thailand.

Well as Lao Tzu says a journey of a thousand miles starts but with a single step and this journey seems to have begun.


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